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Proper layering by choosing the right under layers

Before you go into the mountains always check to see what the temperature is.  The first layer is really important; you don’t want to be putting cotton against your skin.  NO cotton T-shirts or cotton underwear.  You will sweat so much, the cotton will soak it up, get wet and then it will not breathe properly.  You will get cold and sweaty and it will not make your time on the mountain any fun.  Always use a polyester blend top and bottom.  It will breathe nice and will be warm and dry against your skin.  As you sweat it will wick your sweat away and will make your time on the mountain much more fun.  For you ladies out there, make sure you wear a sports bra that is going to be the same as a good under layer; a good polyester blend that will wick the sweat away and be comfortable and dry for you.  Next, you’re going to want to get yourself a good pair of proper footwear.  It’s important to pick a sock that’s going to fit your foot, and that will not slip on your feet which will cause blistering.  The sock should be thin if it’s a cooler day or thicker depending on the weather on the day you’re out on the mountain.  Again, a polyester blend that will wick away the moisture and keep your feet warm and dry is best.  The next layer should be something like a hooded sweat shirt, which is best for spring or early fall.   Make sure you have the appropriate layers underneath so that your sweat shirt doesn’t get sweaty and wet.  A good alternative is a fleece jacket.  Fleece is more breathable, light weight, wind proof and a lot warmer than a hooded sweat shirt.


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A light weight hooded outerwear piece is the next step in the layering process.  Try to pick a light weight jacket with a hood.  This will enable you to layer better underneath when it’s cold outside or wear in the spring when it’s not so cold and will help with wind protection.  Two really good outerwear materials are going to be HyVent or Gortex.  Gortex is the pricey of the two, but it’s worth it.  It comes with a lifetime warranty and will keep you dryer, warmer and protected.  A down jacket will not be your best breathable best bet, but when it’s really cold then down is the way to go if it’s not snowing.


It’s personal preference on a thick or thin pair of pants.  Make sure it’s light, wind proof, water proof and will help to keep you dry.  You might consider a venting system, re-enforced seating, good wicking material inside, gator system and re-enforced cuffs.

Don’t forget your head cover,  gloves and sun screen.  YOU’LL BE GLAD YOU DID!!!
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