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Skiing Tips for Beginners

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Skiing is one of the many exciting winter sports, and like any other sports it has its own rules, regulations, safety precautions, and tips that you will need to get comfortably familiar with before getting started. Going through these will ensure that you are prepared and educated for the task ahead of you.

Skiing Tips for Beginners:skiing tips for beginners  

If you’re trying skiing for the first time rent all the necessary gear rather than buying it to first decide whether or not the sport is something you would be willing to invest your money into. When renting your skis be sure they’re 20-30cm shorter than you (shorter skis are easier to turn), next find a comfortable pair of boots (your heel should be snug with room to move your toes, you want to keep the blood circulating through your feet),

As for the proper clothes; definitely something worth spending your money on, my first time skiing I just wore cheap snow pants and layers of sweaters thinking I’d be juuuust fine, three hours later I ended up having to use the hand dryer in the bathroom to heat up my lower back (which had turned dark redish/purple). So be smart and use waterproof thermal layered clothing to keep you warm. Wear goggles for snowy, cloudy and shady weather, or sunglasses if it is sunny.

Now once you have got all your skiing gear in place make sure that you pull your pant legs over the boots to avoid letting snow in.

skiing tips for beginners

First, use your poles to scrape the snow off the bottom of your boots before you slot them into the bindings on your skis. It is recommended but not necessary to try on one ski and take a quick skate to get the feel of it before putting the other one on.

Second yet the most important thing to keep in mind is: Balance. The snow is slippery therefore you need to practice balancing yourself on the snow for a while.

Third if you turn your foot to the left; your ski also turns to the left, so start by lifting one foot at a time and turning them first to the left and then to the right.

Fourth the correct stance in which to stand is with your feet at shoulder width, heels apart and toes pointing inward

Fifth bend your knees, ankles, and waist slightly. Stretch your arms out till you feel your weight being evenly distributed to your heels and the balls of your feet, practice this stance until you start skiing.

Like any other sport, it is always recommended that you hire a professional to guide and direct you on your first time. I hope these tips have helped you.


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