Ferguson Canyon, Utah

Ferguson Canyon Wasatch Front Salt Lake City Utahtrail up fergusons canyonEnchanting Forest

These pictures are of the trail up Ferguson’s Canyon.   Showing off it’s Spring time natural beauty.   Hidden underneath a mile long canopy of trees giving this trail a feeling of an enchanted rain forest.  With water over flowing and dripping down every crack and crevice it can find.  There are not too many places where the sun makes it through the canopy of the trees.

Enchanted Forest of Ferguson Canyon

 During Spring or Summer,  I recommend finding a place to sit and meditate.  Your senses will come alive with the sounds of the birds singing, smell of the pine trees and the moisture in the air from all the different streams and waterfalls.

There are many springs along the trail. I always bring a little cup clipped to my belt and I just drink out of the springs.

This is the first waterfall you will come across on the trail.

This is the second waterfall you will come across.

2nd waterfall up fergusons Canyon

TRUE STORY: Lost Ferguson Gold Mine

This narrow and rugged canyon was supposedly the home of the lost Ferguson gold mine, where a large vein of gold was found.  Brigham Young and 3 others were deer hunting along the ridges of the mountain tops.  Brigham decided to go down through Ferguson Canyon to see if they could flush out any deer.  Upon their decent they found a big beautiful rock that they described as “Blue Oxide” in color rock.  All but Brigham broke a piece off to use as a door stop.  One of them broke up their piece and found it was riddled with Gold Nuggets.  Brigham Young swore the other three men to secrecy that none of them would tell anyone.  Brigham did not want to Gold Rush to take place here in Salt Lake City like it did in California.   This blue oxide stone to this day has never been found. Mr. Ferguson was one of the Men that was with this party who saw the blue oxide rock first.  The Canyon was named after him.Probably what the rock would look like but much bigger

The rock found by Brigham Young and his Party would probably look similar to this but a very big piece of it.

Thank you for reading, I hope this has been of interest to you and I hope you get a chance to visit this canyon. Written by Randy Cromar

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