Donut Falls

Before the grotto collapsed

This is what it looked like before the Grotto Collapsed

 Doughnut Falls looks a lot different now than it did before.  It is sad, I always look forward to going inside the Grotto and feel up close the spray of the water coming down.

Doughnut Falls after the rock slide

This is what it now looks like following the Rock Slide



But you can still feel the moisture in the air as you get closer to the water fall.

And the trail to Doughnut Falls is still so beautiful.

 Finding the Trailhead:

To reach the trailhead, drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon in Highway 190 for 9.0 miles.  At this point, the road to the Doughnut Falls trailhead branches to the right. (South).  A sign at the intersection indicates that the trailhead and its parking area are approximately one mile ahead on this road, past the Jordan Pines group picnic area and some private property.  The trailhead is located at the south end of the parking lot.  GPS Coordinates:  N40 38.37′ / W111 39.09′.

There is a second trail head  in Spruces Campground and on the North end is one trail head.  It is further to walk to Doughnut Falls but a very beautiful tail.  Spruces Campground is up the canyon just a little further on the right.

Distance:    1.4 miles out and back

Approximate Hiking Time:    1 to 1.5 Hours

Difficulty:    Moderate due to steep and narrow trail

Canine Compatibility:    Dogs not permitted

Fees and permits:    None required

Best Season:    Late spring, summer, fall


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